A19 bulbs not turning off automatically

I recently purchased 2 of the A19 smart bulbs for use on my patio. I have two single bulb light fixtures. I installed the bulbs, have full manual control of them, and have them set on dusk to dawn schedules 7 days a week. At dusk, the lights turn on as expected. The problem is they never turn off. I can manually turn them off, but that defeats the purpose of a “smart” bulb. Anyone have this issue before or have any idea what is wrong? I worked with a Ring Agent and they verified my settings were correct. They did a firmware/software update and said the issue should be fixed but it did not resolve the issue. I called them again today and I’m extremely doubtful the suggested steps they gave me (manually turn the bulbs off) fixed the issue.

Hey @Nvhawk. I see this post is from a couple days ago, but are you still having this concern? If you called support and they insisted it should be fixed, my hopes are that yesterday morning and this morning you maybe didn’t have to manually turn off the lights! Let me know if this is the case or a status update on how things are doing now. :slight_smile:

I’m having this exact same issue with my a19 smart bulbs. A friend who recently got them is having the same issue. Can you please share the resolution steps here?

There is a hotfix for it. They updated mine yesterday and everything works perfect.

Contact support and ask them to apply the hotfixes. If they dont know, have them contact "Daniel, who is Rings Amazon Executive Community Support Representative " .

They will need screenshots of the device health page for each Smart Bulb.

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I have had the same problem. I have uninstalled and reinstalled them three times and the A19 bulbs still do not work. I am so disappointed in Ring for putting out a product that does not seem to work. I have talked to Support and they recommended that I do what I have already done. Now the bulbs don’t even come on at sunset. I am going to chalk this up as a loss and trash the bulbs since they can’t be returned.

They performed a software update and multiple resets (power cycling).

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I am having the same trouble

Try a firmware upgrade and power cycle. A combination of this fixed it for me and it has been good ever since.