A19 Bulb On Time

I recently purchased several A19 bulbs and a bridge. Is there a way to set the bulb on time when they are turned on by my Flood Cam or Doorbell? It seems like they turn off too fast.


This might be fixed now with firmware, but when one of the A19 bulbs (or other smart light) are activated by a camera, they will turn off after 1 minute regardless of the shutoff delay set in the light group. There have been a few firmware updates to the bridge since I last tested this, so it’s possible that the bug has been resolved and you just need to adjust the shutoff delay time in the light group.

To work around the bug I have set up routines using Alexa that turn on my bulbs when my various cameras detect motion. The routine then turns off the bulb after five minutes if no motion is detected.

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