A19 Bulb link with motion sensor?

Are we able to sync the a19 bulb to work with the motion sensor?

Glad you asked @cburns1101! As long as you have a Smart Lighting Bridge, you can certainly link your Smart Lighting with other Ring devices, including other Smart Lighting devices. This means you could certainly have a Smart Lighting Motion Detector linked to your Bulb to trigger on motion! :slight_smile:

To add to this question. If you have the bridge and the A19 blub can you set the bulb to, say 50% brightness, and then if a moniton detector is triggered raise the brightness to 100% and resume normal (50%) brightness when the motion detection clears? And if possible can this be set to trigger specific lights based on which motion sensor is triggered?

Hey @Bulvine. While this is not a feature at this time, this is a great idea! I could see us implementing this with Alexa through a routine in the future, as I do not believe it is achievable through an Alexa routine at this moment.

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