A week ago 2nd gen doorbell stopped detecting motion

About a week ago we started missing motion on a regular basis. I have rest the device - adjusted all motion setting sensitivity and advanced zones. The doorbell was working fine and now it only detects motion if we are right up on the camera. Literally I have to be within 2 ft of it for the motion to detect. Of course deliveries never get so close so all these are now missed. I purchased the ring from Amazon last Jan and it has worked great until last week. Any insight on a fix or how I can go about returning for a replacement?

Hi @TexasFM3. Have there been any changes to the environment, or to your wifi network? Check the RSSI on the Device Health page to see if the Doorbell has a strong and stable wifi connection. If possible, would you also be able to share a screenshot of how you have your Motion Zones configured? This would give me a better idea of any adjustments I could suggest.