A volume control for the Ring Mailbox Alert is needed

I purchased and installed the Ring Mailbox Sensor so that I could monitor when my mail is delivered while I am away from home. That said, it works well except that the alert “ding” sound, even with my phone volume turned all the way up, is too faint and too short. I am VERY disappointed that the Mailbox Sensor alert sound is simply a common ding sound and lasts only for a split second. I have already missed mail delivery alerts because the sound is so faint and short. I like the Internet connectivity feature of the Ring Mailbox Alert but would not recommend one to a friend because of the low sound volume and duration. I would think that this would be an easy feature to include in the next update and would make customers happy and increase sales. Interestingly, I also have both the Ring doorbell and motion floodlamp on my house. Both of them have distinct alert sounds and duration to that I can take notice. Only my new Ring Mailbox Sensor has an alert sound that is too faint, too short, and common.