A simple dusk on to dawn off feature for the floodlight cam light

Floodlight Cam light schedule is unreliable. A simple dusk to dawn feature would be preferred.

I have been on the phone with the techs numerous times to try and get my floodlight cam to come on around dusk and go off at dawn. The light schedule is designed to set specific on and off times. This is my second floodlight cam per the techs help and the feature still does not work properly. All I want is for the floodlight to turm on at dusk and off at dawn. It’s very frustrating to have to turn it on manually when it doesnt work and then turn it off maually. it may turn on at the correct time and then just turn off in the middle of the night earlier than it should. My back yard is extreemly dark and backs up to woods. The firmware is up to date and the camera is recording correct time. I have two floodlight cams, a spotlight battery cam and the monitored alarm system. I’m very disappointed with this one function with what is otherwise a very good system.


I’ve had that same issue with one of my floodlight cameras consistently (I have two). Sometimes it seems to ‘decide’ not to follow the schedule I have set even though in the app it shows the lighting schedule is set. I have called tech support about this each time and most recently the man I spoke with sent an updated data pack (or similar, I don’t remember the terminology) digitally to the floodlight and it seemed to do the trick, no issues since then. Try calling tech support when it is happening, they were very helpful and understanding, best tech support I’ve ever had to deal with.

I want this feature for all my Ring Alarm connected devices. Near as I can tell one needs another controller (SmartThings, Alexa, etc.) to access the Ring Base and trigger events on Z-Wave connected devices. Add some functionality so Ring does it all without these added devices.

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Yes the light I replaced with ring was photocell controlled and i want the ring to operate the same way! The schedule requires too much maintenance i will have to remember to change it for summer and winter and time changes. And currently the schedule for light on does not work the flood light keeps turning off during its scheduled on time.

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