A few features I would like to see added - Wired Doorbell Cam

Hello I would like to have following features added to menu in device settings of Ring Wired Doorbell:

1.) a manual ‘Day & Night’ as well as Auto for the camera. Its all well and good having ‘colour night vision’ with the night vision LED IR but I reckon I have enough light in the front of my house at night where I would be able to select ‘Day’ on the camera and it would give me more of a better picture than the Colour Night Vision (ie - without IR LED’s turned on) - falling snow or anything white in front of my doorbell has a purple colour , caused by the colour night vision feature. - My previous (non Ring) security camera had manual day and night setting as well as auto and when I put it to Day even at night it had a better picture.

2.) I would like to see a feature where I can turn of ‘Noise Cancelling’ of the bell manually if I want to, to get a better sound - when I press the speaker on the live screen the sound is ‘choppy’ and breaks up and I think this is because noise cancelling has been applied automatically to the bell, and its even more choppy sound if the wind is blowing!

3.) a facility for visitor to ring the doorbell again immediately or after 10 seconds instead of pressing it once and not being able to press it again for another minute or whatever it is.

4.) a facility to record (through the mobile phones microphone) with the Ring App your very own smart responses / quick replies message rather than the built in pre recorded ones from the app.

5.) a setting / button in the Live screen in the phone app where you can send an instant Alarm / siren to sound through the doorbell if you see something or someone suspicious lurking around

It will be nice if these things could be added to future updates to make the doorbell better than it is already.