51 minutes on the phone with customer service for them to me exactly what I told them.

The battery hatch on my security camera has never closed tight but it no loner stays closed. The customer service call was beyond frustrating. The call started with me explaining exaclty what was wrong. After almost of hour of the customer service representatvie having me go thru updates and other things, that he didn’t explain why, he told me the hatch was broken. This was a complete waste of time. I’m not sure why he thought deleting and reintalling the app would fix the latch. I even sent multiple emails with pictures of the hatch. To top it off, when I logged on to see if there was an email for where I could send feedback, the avatar on my account popped up as a vampire. That seems like a weird default and makes me wonder if it was a flag put on by the customer service rep. after I told him he had wasted an hour of my time. I have had to replace several ring devices. When the products work they are great but the quality is hit and miss and the customer service needs improvement.

Hey @KrisP. Thank you for providing your feedback on your experience here. This is not the experience we want our neighbors to have and I apologize that you had a long troubleshooting call with our support team. I have ensured that your feedback has been passed onto the appropriate teams in this matter so we can improve our support for the future. Thank you, neighbor!