4k cameras and doorbells

Please provide 4k cameras as an option. Your HD cameras are good, but there are certain situations (like in a larger retail space or a parking lot) where more detail would be very useful. I realize that they would eat up more storage space and bandwidth… I would be willing to pay an additional monthly fee to be able use 4k. Maybe charge users based on how many 4k cameras they are running on their system???

Even for residential purposes, the higher resolution is needed for instance to see the plate of the car bumps into your car


I was hoping the new Floodlights would have 4k cameras but unfortunately that’s not the case. :frowning:


Any news on a future stick up 4k (or even 2k) camera? I’d love to buy 2-3 more but I don’t want to buy them until they can easily capture license plates.

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Im looking for a higher quality camera from the 1080p that is currently in the floodlight camera. Can Ring make a 4k camera with night vision and brighter LED light bulbs for 2021?


I’m looking for the same and does not look like there are newer floodlight models with 4k.

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4K cameras would be nice to have in the future.

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I would really like to see 2k or 4k cameras in the future. I had a wired 4k video system in a prior residence and nothing really compares to those cameras. I have 3 outdoor Ring cameras presently and I’m not over thrilled with picture quality after stepping down from my wired system. Would love to see you guys offer something higher than 1080 in the future. A 4k system where you have the option to downgrade the picture quality if need be for bandwidth or data purposes would be awesome. I would assume that this has been suggested multiple times and I’d just like to add some more input on the subject. Thanks.

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Ring! It’s time to upgrade the cameras. When can we expect the next gen camera technology? Looking for 4k spot light camera that can read license plates on vehicles from 40 feet away day and night! Also a 4k doorbell with range of 40 feet zoom clarity.

Time to step it up.



I disagree on the 4k. Gigabit internet is becoming rapidly available to neighborhoods. Other products are already have 4k cameras. Maybe one work around, the stream is a lower quality but recording to the server is highest quality for post recording analysis. We just need ring “Amazon” to start making the devices and let customers work out the data management.



I can’t tell…was this post posted this year because 4K needs to happen ASAP.


You don’t need gigabit internet to support 4k security cameras. Keep in mind that this will not be anything near the bandwidth of say 4K streaming TV due to the lower bitrate of the security cameras. Even at 100mb/s cable internet, you should be fine for 1-2 cameras. Having any more than that might cause congestion but the chance of 3+ cameras streaming at the same time rather unlikely.

It’s time for Ring to upgrade their hardware as most of this has remained unchanged for 5+ years. In terms of technology, that is ancient. Even the 1080 captures from Ring cams are lightyears behind the competition’s 1080 due to the newer hardware. Even if Ring went with a newer generation 1080 or 2k sensor they could vastly improve their products.

I’m rather surprised Ring hasn’t addressed this already as their cameras are among the lowest video quality in the industry and their price point is towards the top. They have been getting away with it due to the brand recognition and friendly user interface but that will only last so long.

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Looks like Vivant and their 4k cameras are looking better and better.

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It really does seem past time for these to be available. Ubiquiti has them, but don’t want to get into managing a local image repository.

Ring, it is time to upgrade your technology!!! every camera in the market is 4k and you still at 1080p!!! We want new cameras, with 4k resolution please!!!

I also would like to see cameras in 4K. I have a camera in the front and backyards and it doesn’t show enough details because of the large space.

I’ve had ring floodlight cams since 1st gen unfortunately ring is falling behind by not upgrading to 4K. If I wanted 1080p resolutions there are much cheaper options on the market now. You’re losing your edge. Time to step it up or start losing subscriptions.

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Or at the very least reduce the compression rate so that the video quality is better. If you look at Lifehackster’s videos on Youtube, he shows that even cheaper 1080p cameras can have great video quality where you can read license plates depending on how it is set up. And some of his security camera comparion videos show that Nest has noticely better video quality than Ring even though Nest is also only 1080p.

Still no 4k cameras from Ring? What is taking so long?

If you are looking for a doorbell cam as an alternative to Ring, maybe check out Reolink’s 5MP doorbell camera.

Amazon.com: REOLINK Doorbell Camera, Smart WiFi Video Doorbell with Chime, 5MP Ultra HD Night Vision, 180° Wide Angle Motion Human Detection, 5GHz/2.4GHz WiFi, 2 Way Talk, Local Storage Works w/Google Assistant : Tools & Home Improvement

It doesn’t have a 10 minute Live View Timeout like Ring cameras and the Reolink also has real Onvif support, not the backwards Ring Onfiv support.

For those that don’t know, Ring allows you to view your Onvif cameras on the Ring website but does not allow the Ring cameras to use Onvif for others who may want to view their Ring camera live streams with their Onvif DVR’s.

PLese Ring FIX the 10 minute time out
didnt spend 1400 dollars to get shut out of my live view every to minutes whoever made that decision must not have ever had cameras in there system