3 Must Have New Features

  1. Add Geo Fence, Allow me to go to “Away” mode when I move a predetermined distance (e.g., 0.5 miles) from my home location. Use the phone’s GPS. Allow two (or more) phones to control the mode switch (e.g., phone 1 AND phone 2 are outside the “fence” therefore goto “Away” mode).

  2. Allow me to use a schedule to switch modes. For example, from 11PM to 4AM switch to “Away” mode (i.e., all motion sensors enabled).

  3. Add alerts and motion detetion for smart lights to modes. For example, in “Home” mode, light detects motion and turns on but does not send alerts. Switching to “Away” mode, lights detect motion, turn on and send alerts.


Especially like #3 noted in by the OP.

Yes to#3, please!