2nd Generation Doorbell Question

I have recently fitted a new 2nd Generation Doorbell and it is all working fine. Originally I fitted it with the idea of removing it when necessary to re-charge the battery but, having given it some thought I decided to hardwire it to a transformer.
I fitted the transformer and made the connections to the 8v outlet. What I’m not sure about is, is the bell running via the transformer or is it still using the battery which was fully charged when I put the doorbell back on the wall. When I go into the Dashboard I can’t see anything different to what was showing when I was just running it off the battery, Should there be anything different and how can I tell if the transformer is doing its job?
Many thanks for any help.

It can take 24 hours for the Doorbell’s battery status to be updated in your app.

Thank you SolarEclipse, I have just looked at the app on my phone and under ‘Power Source’ it says ‘Hardwired’.
Does that mean that the in-built battery is constantly being charged by the power from the transformer? If so I would have expected the battery to be always showing as 100% full.
I often look at the ‘Live View’ of the doorbell via my pc and I have noticed that there is nowhere near as much info available in the settings menu on the pc as there is in the settings menu of the phone.app. I’m wondering if I have the correct app on my pc. Is it possible to be using the wrong one?
Thanks again for your help.

Hardwiring your battery-powered Video Doorbell will indeed provide a trickle charge to your battery. The effectiveness of the charge received will depend on factors such as usage, number of events, signal strength, and even cold weather. Here’s a helpful article with tips on improving battery life.

After charging your Video Doorbell battery, please allow for some time for the device health to update this information in your Ring app. Using the Ring app on a mobile device will give you the best intended experience with accessing all details and settings of your Ring device. :slight_smile: