2nd Generation Chime does not connect to Network Repeater

I have my main router upstairs with a second router acting as a “Repeater” downstairs. I can connect and setp the new Chime with my main router with no issues and in fact I have had it connected for over a week to my main router. When I try to move the chime downstairs which uses the Repeater Router as the WiFi point the chime disconnects after a day or 2 and will not reconnect to my Repeater even after I reset it. I have many other devices iphones, TVs, etc. that work just fine with the downstairs Repater router.

Has anyone else been able to connect the 2nd Generation Chime to a Repeater?

Hi @OH19. What is the RSSI of the Chime when you connect it to your repeater? If the RSSI is too low, it could cause intermittent connectivity with the Chime. It could also depend on how many devices are connected to your repeater at once. Connecting the Chime to it when you already have other devices connected to it, could be too much for you repeater to support. This of course, would depend on the manufacturers specifications of the repeater. I hope this information helps!