2nd gen wireless doorbell, now wired with plug-in adapter with no change to power source

Hello all.
I am new here and have purchased a 2nd Gen Ring vid doorbell, wireless. Great device. But recently invested in the Wired plug-in power adaptor made by Ring. I have tried the installation twice now and still i am having n issue with the power actually keeping the device powered. I have followed what little instructions i could find and have still not seen that the device is powered by a source seperate from the battery and the battery is still draining. All the products are official and so i am stumped as to sort this. Can somebody please please help?

Hi @JimminyBrown. When you say you are having trouble keeping the device powered, how often is this happening? What is the battery percentage when you connect the Plug-In Adapter? How many events/recordings/device activations per day are you experiencing?