2nd Gen Ring Alarm Keypad Needs Option to always show mode

I spent quite a bit of money on the Ring system to replace an older system. I did the retrofit kit which worked great, got everything installed and noticed there were no lights on my keypad unless I walk up to it. This is completely stupid and pointless. One of the main reasons for a physical keypad (Besides arming and disarming) is to be able to glance at it to see the status. Why would I need to walk all the way over to it to accomplish is? Absolute design fail. Please fix this ASAP. I went back to a 1st gen to get this feature although I ran into two issues with that which I will get to with two other posts to keep things relevant. Please fix 2nd gen Keypad so I can go back to it later. Thanks!!!


100% agree. I’m in the same situation and was able to power the keypads off of my old alarm wiring with a converter. If the keypad has wired power it should be an option to leave the mode light always on. I don’t really want to have to buy a 1st Gen keypad to get this.

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Agree 100% I was very surprised after replacing my 1st generation keypad that failed due to it not being able to be plugged in to the power supply continuously. I thought there was something wrong with the keypad since it was not showing the current status of the system. Big design flaw and shortcoming in the 2nd gen keypads. Showing the current status of the system is, or should be, a basic function of the keypad.