2nd Gen No Drill Mount

Hi all

Just bought my 2nd Gen unit and don’t want to drill into my front wall.
I have purchased also the Ring No Drill mounting plate.

I am looking to fix it the the front wall which is standard red brickwork.

Am I correct in assuming that I just make sure the brickwork is free of cobwebs etc and just peel off the long strips on the back of the plate and hold it firmly against the wall for 5-10 mins and it will stick firmly and not move?

Sorry for what might be obvious questions, but never stuck anything to brickwork before and a little hesitant to stick an expensive item to bricks!

Hope someone can reassure me of their experiences?


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Hi @david1968. The No-Drill Mount will be most effective on even and smooth surfaces. It may be difficult to adhere to brick, shingles and rough stucco surfaces. It should not be mounted on glass. In all cases, the wall should be wiped clean before attaching the No-Drill Mount.

I’d recommend installing the No-Drill Mount first and ensuring it’s firmly attached before then installing the Doorbell. Just like with double-sided adhesives used to hang decor items, it’s usually best to allow the adhesive to sit for about an hour or so before adding any extra weight.

Why is the no drill fixing not included in the price. I have to pay a further £17.00 now for the fixing. This is a rip off and customers should be told of this prior to purchase. Rip Off.