2nd gen cam and solar

Hi all.
I am having issues with one of my 2nd gen cameras.
Three of the cams have been running on solar for almost a year with no issues at all.
Recently I decided to connect cam number 4 to solar. I bought tgr same panel as used with the other cams ( not a ring panel as I had read bad reviews on them). Cam number 4 will not connect to the solar panel at all. I have tried the usual reboot the cam, no change, re-set the cam, no change. The panel is working as I plugged it into two of my other cams to check and both show solar connected within a few minutes. The contact us section of the Web site is a joke as you type in the query and it takes you back to the beginning page every time I click submit. I have tried all I can think of to get the solar connecting without success, if anyone can help it would be much appreciated, I’m beginning to think the connector on the cam is faulty but as I cannot contact Ring I doubt I will ever find out.
** UPDATE ** In the last two days the camera in question had begun turning off the motion detection all by itself, i am now convinced that this cam is faulty.

Hi @IJ1959. I can’t speak to whether or not a third party solar panel will work properly with your Ring Camera. We can advise on issues with Ring devices themselves, such as a Ring Solar Panel, but not third party devices.

A basic troubleshooting step you can try for is to reboot your camera using the reboot option on the Device Health page. After that, you can try connecting the solar panel again to see if there’s any change. Regarding the motion detection, this is either controlled manually or via the Modes settings (if you have a Ring Protect plan). Try checking over your Modes settings to make sure everything is correct. To contact support directly, you can call one of the numbers here after selecting your region.

All my cameras have a third party solar panel because ring panels are way too expensive for what you get.
I have done a reboot of the camera several times, makes no difference.
I have done a remove device and then re added it back to my system, makes no difference.
The battery is new and has just been replaced and was showing as being at 100% charge, still the camera does not connect to solar.
Motion detection has stopped turning itself off BUT i now get NO recordings or warnings of movement from this camera unless a person is within six feet of it even with the settings turned up, and i have also tried every setting between low and high, makes no difference.
Regarding the number to call in the UK, i get a number not recognised for 00808 196 5767.

I was warned about buying a ring security system by a friend, wish i had listened to him now.

@IJ1959 The UK phone number, +44 0808 196 5767, should work if you’re located in the UK. You could also try our worldwide phone number, which is +1-310-929-7085.

The number starts with a double zero ( +44 which is a 0 and 0 ) which does not work.

@IJ1959 It may be an issue with your phone carrier, as that is the UK phone number. You can reach out to our social support team on Facebook @Ring by sending a private message, though their scope of support may be a bit more limited than our phone team.

I do not use facebook and i have tried the uk number, all i get is a dead line with an onscreen message saying incorrect number.