2nd Gen Alarm System - No Screws Included

The 2nd generation alarm system should come with screws for the motion detector, door/window sensors, and base station as all devices have mounting plates. This will ensure that customers have the option of making their devices are more securely attached should one wish to use screws on their own or along with mounting tape. Also, if the placement is incorrect, moving the device after pushing the adhesive tape against the wall makes the tape less adhesive or not adhesive anymore. Additionally, providing screws prevents customers from using incorrect screws that are too big, causing issues attaching devices onto mounting plates, and does not inconvenience customers from having to go to a hardware store to buy screws.


In addition, 2nd Generation needs to have an additional mounting back plate. Many users are replacing existing alarm keypads and the Ring keypad does not cover the same area as the existing keypads.

Should be allowed to order hardware especially since you double sided tape crapped out after a year…