2FA using more than one authenticator app/device

I’ve enabled 2FA and set-up my wife as a shared user, all well and good, but my big issue with the current status of Ring 2FA is that you only have one authentication method when using something like MS Authenticator. For example with my work (MS Office 365) account I can add more than 1x authenticator instance - for example on both my phone & tablet - so that if my phone isn’t available, or I’m on the phone to someone, I can use my tablet to authenticate my account. In Ring this doesn’t seem possible, I can add a MS Authenticator instance on my phone but when I try to add one on my tablet the only option is to set-up Ring 2FA again, nullifying the one on my phone. Ring devs: you really need to enable the ability to add another authentication method for the same account, so that those of us who use apps like MS Authenticator can set it up on more than one of our devices. This isn’t a odd request, I have 4x accounts using MS Authenticator for 2FA - not all Microsoft - and they all support more than one instance of the 2nd stage authentication. Thanks!

Hey neighbor. Over the past year we have been making various efforts to ensure our neighbor’s safety when using their Ring products and services. In an effort to stay in line with industry’s best practices, Ring is phasing out email as a method of account verification as a part of Two-Step Verification, and the options that neighbors have now to log in are the SMS or an Authenticator App. If you are unable to use SMS verification, we recommend using an Authenticator App, which can be installed on a mobile device, PC, or laptop.