28th Failed Attempt to Subscribe to Protect Basic in 5 Months

I have just tried - and failed - for the 28th time since late February to subscribe to a Basic Plan for my one camera.

I have tried 5 different credit and debit cards issued by 3 different banks on 2 different payment networks under 2 different names via website, app and automated phone tree. Every single one has failed every time.

Every time I have called Ring support, they have told me someone would call me back. No one has ever called me back. They extended my one-month trial once, and I never heard from the company again.

None of these cards has ever failed on any website, or at any merchant, but Ring.

All 3 banks have checked all 5 cards and say there is no evidence that Ring, or any Ring-associated entity, has ever tried to actually charge any of them, even once.

The charges aren’t being rejected by the card issuers – Ring’s payment processing system isn’t even trying to charge the cards in the first place.

I have a $200 brick over my garage door because the company can’t seem to take the $30 I so desperately want to pay it. And because they don’t accept Amazon Pay, or Apple Pay, or Google Pay, or PayPal, I can’t use any of those methods either.

Has anyone found any solution of any kind for this issue in the United States?

Turns out this was a problem not with Ring, but with Ring’s payment processing company, Stripe. I had to publicly call Stripe out on Twitter for not helping me via their regular customer service, and once I did that, they responded immediately and had the whole thing fixed in less than three hours.

So, if you’re trying to pay and getting an instant rejection, and your bank says the card hasn’t been rejected, try reaching out to Stripe to solve the issue!

Doesn’t appear to have been resolved! You’d think by now they’d have changed the vendor for taking payments. Leaves a sour taste in my mouth especially since hubby wanted it and i wanted to reinstall an existing system with a hard drive.