24 lock out

After our IPhones and IPad went through the most recent update we were logged out of our ring apps and my husband managed to enter in a wrong password and eventually I reset it but then we were still locked out for 24 hours. All though I spoke with customer service who was able to confirm I was who I said I was they were “unable” to give us access before the 24 hour time lock.This is unacceptable. It is either OLD technology on Ring’s part , a horrible policy, or both to make their service unavailable for any amount of time once a customer has been confirmed to be who they are. How does not having access to the camera considered protection of our account? The most ridiculous comment from customer service was “videos recorded during this 24 hour period would still be available to view once we had access”. Great! So we can watch all those who came to the door ore events that we missed but could not answer or deal with. We will find another service that has a system that is not so archaic.