2 doors opening (not at the same time)

First of all, in my building we have 2 differents doors, they are independent, so you can enter to the building from one or from the other.

My usual intercom has only 1 button, and opens the door where the person has pushed the ring.
I want to remark that I cant know from which one the people is calling. I dont need it as I only have 1 button. Also, the button dont open both doors at the same time. It is only able to open “calling door”.

Now, I am trying to configure the Ring Intercom but the device is only working with one of the two doors. I am not able to know why is working with one door but no with the other.
It is a problem of the device compatibilty? It is a problem of my intercom model (Tegui 374294)? It is a problem of the electric installation?

I am attaching a photo of the intercom.

Any help with this would be very helpful.

Hi @jonarano, Welcome to the ring community.

Thank you for reaching out to us. Currently, the Ring Intercom works only with devices that open one door, the option to control two different doors simultaneously is currently not available but we’re eager to introduce it, and will share information on timing as soon as we have it.

I wasn’t able to identify the device from the picture however to check any compatibility with Ring Intercom I can suggest to utilise our compatibility checker in the following link: Ring Intercom Compatibility Checker

Hope this helps.