2 doorbells, 1 intercom, 1 gate

I need un advice.

I live in a house and would like to have my front gates (to the garden) opened with Ring. I already ordered doorbells and Intercom from Ring for that but I have a specific case.
I want to have two doorbells (one for my parents that live downstairs and one for me on the upper floor). We want to have 2 doorbells so that people that visit me don’t bother them.

To be pricise I want to have 2 doorbells that are independant (notify seperate screens,phones…) but are both able to open the same garden gates.

So what plan will unable me to do that?
Thanks in advance :hugs:

Hi @BrZi, thank you for your question. We would propose the following solution:
You can create two separate Ring accounts, and setup both doorbells on those two accounts. The Ring Intercom device can be installed on one of them and all you would need to do is to share the access with the second user. You would then receive the notifications every time that someone uses the Ring Intercom and separate notifications whenever someone presses one of the doorbells.

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