2 chime pro wifi extenders

I have got two extenders both are connect to my internet, I have my door bell connected to one chime pro and I would like my camera connected to the 2nd chime but all it says that both devices are connected to a chime network. But it dont tell me which one.

Any idea how i can choose which device is connect to a different chime.

Hi @matt9385. The network name will always show as Chime Pro Network, but when connecting to the Chime Pro, the Ring device would’ve already picked the Chime Pro that has the best connection, and which is also normally the Chime Pro closer to the second device. You can ensure the device is connected to the second Chime Pro by unplugging one that is already connected to the Doorbell when reconnecting the second Ring device to the second Chime Pro, as it will not show the first one as available when doing do. Although, the devices all work with each other on this, so you shouldn’t feel a need to do this, as your Ring device should already be connected to the best Chime Pro Network available to it. :slight_smile: