2 Bugs in Android App v.3.51.0

I wanted to report two issues since updating to the latest version of the Ring app on Android. This applies to the Dark Mode update in version 3.51.0 and has affected all 4 of my Android devices (Samsung S8 and S21+) running the Ring app:

Shortcut Tile order on the main Dashboard no longer remembers position. My Locks Tile will always move on its own to the first left-most position. I have several tiles setup that go from Lights, History, Locks, and so on. Once I move Locks back to the 3rd position, after reopening the app a few times Locks will auto-move to the first position, shifting everything else to the right. I’ve not noticed this reorganizing of the tiles with anything else–only Locks.

Secondly, there is a minor issue with the camera preview tiles on the main screen. I have a few cameras disabled, to not record motion in Disarmed mode. If I toggle on and enable Motion for a given camera, the preview tile on the main screen still remains blacked-out reading “Motion Detection is Turned Off” even though it’s really enabled. Motion detection on the cameras are working fine despite that status not being reflected on the main camera screen of the app. Changing Modes still works fine, and enables/disables motion recording as it should. It’s just enabling motion on a given camera when it’s set to not record because of it’s mode. Enabling the camera works fine, but just the thumbnail preview doesn’t update to a live snapshot.

The above issues are not present on my iPhone and everything is working fine on that platform (v. 5.51.0).

Hi @5150Joel. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I’ve notified the team who oversees this and it is currently being investigated. When I have more information, I’ll be sure to share it here. Thank you!

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This is still broken in v3.52 on all my Android devices. Both of the 2 above detailed problems still persist. I don’t really care about the 2nd issue with camera preview tiles. The Shortcut Tile order more of a concern.

Thank you

@5150Joel Thanks for following up on this matter. We don’t have any new information to share at this time. Once we do have any relevant updates, we’ll be sure to share it in a reply here. :slight_smile:

Thank you @Caitlyn_Ring

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Hi @5150Joel. Is it ok if I send you a direct message here on the Community? The team investigating this would like some additional information.

Hey @Tom_Ring yes of course. Thanks for first replying here. While I browse the Community once every day or 2, I rarely ever login so it would have been a while until I saw a direct message.


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Hi @5150Joel. Thank you. I’ve sent you a direct message.


Android App update 3.55.0 has fixed the issue with the tiles constantly rearranging upon opening the app. My tiles have all stayed in place on my three Android devices since updating to 3.55.0. The 2nd problem with the camera tiles not updating was also fixed a few app updates ago.

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Hey @5150Joel. Thanks for bringing this to our attention and I’m glad this concern has been fixed with the latest Ring app update.