2 alarms at same address


I’m a bit confused about ring protect subscription,

I live at a small holding and have a ring alarm and doorbell on my house, I also have a home office in a converted barn that I have just put a 2nd ring alarm in, one system set up as “house” and one set up as “barn”

I have tried setting up ring protect plus free trial but it only sets up assisted monitoring on “Barn” and when I try to add it to “house” I click I agree, next, it then just goes back to dashboard,

I contacted customer care via live chat but was told I would need separate subscription for each system

On the ring website it states “ All devices at one address will be covered under Ring Protect Plus plan”

Anyone else had this issue and can shed some light on it?


Hi @Boysie. You can only use one Ring Alarm System per location. If you set up a second location with the same address to use another Alarm System in your converted barn, it is still considered an additional location. Thus requiring you to subscribe to another Ring Protect Plan that would cover Professional Monitoring, which is per location.

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