1st gen Solar panel for 1st Gen Stickup Cam - Need adapter to use with new 3rdGen Stick up cam

I have to upgrade 3 1st Gen Stick up cams - they have been working for 5 or 6 years on the first gen solar panels. I bought the new 3gen StickUp cam w battery. While the convenience of swap out batteries is a big improvement, I want to continue to augment with the solar panels. OF COURSE Ring changed the connection to the solar panel on the new stick up cam. The 1st gen solar panel has a male micro usb end to plug in to the stick up cam… the new stick up cams have female barrel plug jack. Looking for a micro usb female to barrel plug male adapter to continue to use my installed Ring solar panels. Any leads or help is appreciated. Form other forum posts I believe the barrel jack is 3.5mm x 1.35mm, but not certain

Hi @tdol87. We do not have a micro USB to barrel plug adapter. With the release of our new Solar Panels, we also released a barrel plug to USB-C adapter and a USB-C to barrel plug adapter. You can try to find a third-party adapter, though I can’t guarantee it will work or connect properly. However, you may also need to upgrade to the newer Solar Panel with the correct connection type, since we do not sell an adapter for the very first generation of Solar Panels.

Caitlyn, thank you for the response, its unfortunate that the tech world engineers do this - changing plugs frequently just to drive more accessory sales… for the sake of providing a $2 to $5 dongle/adaptor, I am was not looking to invest $50+ per panel… I have three that I paid $59 for once before

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I found this one on Amazon. Seems to be the only one in existence on there. I’m getting it in a couple days and hope it works!

UpperFu 2 Pcs DC Power 3.5mm x 1.35mm Male Plug to Micro USB Female Jack Power Adapter Cable Cord https://a.co/d/9A7QgKY

Did the adaptor work?

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