16v 10vac

I have a Ring doorbel pro that was installed a little over a week ago. Everything works fine but I am concerned that based on comments from other blogs that having a transformer with only 16v 10 va will eventually fry my doorbell. I called support and they said that I have enough power. I just bought a 16 v 30va but will not install until next week if I need to. Help!

Hey @Zandarr ! Our Ring Pro requires a power supply between 16VAC and 24VAC to operate as intended. A 16V 10VA rated transformer is fine to use, however, it’s important to consider the age/ length of wiring, number of chime kits, and other factors such as resistance. An older chime kit or thin of wiring might not deliver voltage efficiently enough and so a more powerful transformer would be needed.

A 16V 30VA transformer will certainly do the trick, if you find that your current configuration is not providing enough power. Take a look at our help center article, which shares insight on common concerns, and ways to prevent low power situations. Let us know if you have any further questions :slight_smile:

Thank you for getting back to me. I feel a lot better now

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