10 minute live view limit NEEDS TO GO

I bought the Battery operated Stick up camera as an indoor pet cam. The live view limit is so silly. When I’m home and working on my PC I like to see what my pets are up to and keep an eye on them, Id like to use the live view for that. The fact that it only allows 10mins is STUPID and if I had known this I wouldn’t have bought my camera. All you need to do is stop the live view from being uploaded to the cloud or ad an extra subscription for it! SERIOUSLY ring this is so bad! I won’t be recommending this product until this issue is sorted! It a software issue that so small it wouldn’t take a day to sort out.

Agreed. It is extremely stupid. In fact, it’s on the TOP 5 Feature Request List.

Make sure you vote to have the 10 Minute Live View SST (Super Stupid Timeout) removed:

At the top of the page in the URL above click VOTE and also let your friends and relatives vote. Anyone you know who has a Ring camera should be voting for this feature request.