10% discount / linking to Amazon = useless


What is the point of

  1. The 10% product discount gained through buying a protect plan
  2. Linking your Ring account to Amazon

when unlike US Amazon, the 10% discount isn’t carried across to Amazon.co.uk

You can’t buy the products directly as they’re always out of stock. My forum account is too new to upload more than one screenshot, but EVERY alarm pack other than small is out of stock on ring.co.uk.

So the site directs you to Amazon.

Where you can’t use the 10% discount supposedly rewarding you for your business.

Clearly it can be done as it works on American Amazon (.com) - why can’t it be replicated onto the UK regional version (.co.uk)?


this is the most frustrating company i ever worked with , i get the run arouind from one thing to another if you have a question you cant get it answered,i had one of your agents tell me my unit was out of warrantry so i got a new one paid the fee and the credit your agent agve me of $1.00 was a waste of time cont use it .stuart

I am having the same issue! I tried speaking to Amazon and Ring both of which said Amazon UK would not get the discount.

However i have seen today on the UK site, if you compare the protect plans it says it can be used on Amazon.co.uk but i feel this is a mistake.