10% discount for Premium plus subscriber not applied to shopping basket

10% discount for Premium plus subscriber not applied to shopping basket

We are now in July 2022 And this issue still occurs…(first discussed here in 2020) Straight after subscribing to Protect plus, I was able to place several online orders and the 10% discount showed up in my basket at check out , straight away…now 2 months later , trying to add chime etc…the discount just won’t show!
Tried Chat and phone calls to Ring support, but keep getting the same old answer: “Place the order and then apply for the 10% discount afterwards”
I do not want to go through that hassle every time I place an order…, go to Chat or ring up support for a refund!!
I like to be able to see how much I have to pay incl. the discount, before I press Pay!,
Unfortunately nobody seems to be able to just reset my account to fix this issue!! Shame on you Ring… **Will it ever be fixed 2 years on…**:question:And if not ….WHY NOT…:question:

Better solution, go to one of the many retailers that sell Ring products at a discount. Then you don’t have to hassle with the 10% or the stock issues.

Good luck!

Hi @Izzy2hon_x. Here are the full terms and conditions for the Ring Protect 10% discount:

  • Discount applies to customers with a Ring Protect Basic or Plus subscription or trial at the time of purchase. It does not apply retroactively, meaning you can’t buy a device and then subscribe to Ring Protect Basic or Plus and retroactively apply the discount.

  • Discount may not be combined with other offers (e.g. including but not limited to Cyber Monday, Black Friday, military, teacher and emergency services promotions).

  • The discount is not transferable, may not be resold and has no cash alternative.

  • Discount applies to customers within the UK, EU, Australia, New Zealand, US or Canada. It does not apply to customers in the Middle East and Africa.

  • Discount only available at Ring.com. It applies to all Ring cameras, doorbells, accessories and multipacks.

  • The discount isn’t available for regional Amazon sites outside of the US.

  • You cannot subscribe to Ring Protect Basic or Plus and use the 10% discount in the same transaction.

  • You must be logged into your account to use the discount at Ring.com during checkout. The discount applies upon the next login session after purchase of Ring Protect Basic or Plus. To use the discount immediately, log out of your account and log back in.

  • The email used to subscribe to your Ring Protect plan must be used on checkout.

  • We reserve the right to change or waive enforcement of any portion of these terms without notice.

If your discount is still not applying when it should be, I would recommend following up with our support team for further assistance, as we can’t see any details on your account. Only our support team can review your account with you and assist with specific discount concerns such as this.

Thank you Cathlin, but you obviously didn’t read my comment properly!!
I am a protect plus subscriber, have been for a few months, hence received an online 10% discount on several previous purchases…. !!!
But when ordering some more goods online recently, the discount did not show up anymore!!
I am trying to find out why so many people , who are subscribers to the protect plus plan, experimenting this problem since 2020 already??
Please read my comment properly before blinding me with rules and regulations that I am fully aware of and have followed to the T!!:joy:
Thank you

Sorry Caitlyn for misspelling your name!
I spelt it like a friend I know….

Thank you, but you didn’t solve the problem at all!

@Izzy2hon_x I understand, but since this is a public forum, I want to ensure that all applicable information on the Ring Protect Plus discount is readily available for any other neighbors that may visit this thread. Additionally, we aren’t able to see your account or purchase details. This is why we suggest that you work with our support team if you aren’t receiving the 10% discount on any applicable products, as we are not able to apply that to your purchase or view any details on that purchase.