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TX/RX Rate Issues
Hello, I noticed a delay and a not very good voice quality. Usually I can hear well but the guests are having issues to hear me. What I noticed is that my ring is connected to the wifi and the Tx rate is very poor. Rx Rate: 72.2 Mbps Tx Rate: 1.00 Mbps ping 500ms 1.00 Mbps as tx can be the reason for the quality issue. I tried another network and it's exactly the same, I also switched of other devices just to make sure they were not disturbing the ring. Take in consideration that I have a very food network infrastructure, it's ubiquiti. The other device are working very well and I have no issues at all, they are about 60. With my router I can see the wifi Experience and all the devices are in status "excellent", the only exception is the Intercom the is "Poor". The ping is 500ms and everything else is 1-2 ms. I know this is a very technical post but I really need your help!!!




14-10-2023 05:37:54

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Hi @samu, Thank you for sharing your case with Ring Community! We advise you to check wifi signal strength—or RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indicator)—in the **Ring app**: 1. Open the Ring app. 2. Tap the **menu (☰)**. 3. Tap **Devices** and select the Ring device you'd like to check. 4. Tap the **Device Health** tile. 5. Under the **Network** section, look for **Signal Strength.** * If the RSSI value listed is green, your device has a strong signal. If it is grey, amber, or red, it may have a moderate to weak signal. * The ***larger*** the number after "RSSI-" the ***weaker*** the signal. * For example, a device displaying "RSSI-36" has a ***stronger*** signal than a device showing "RSSI-64". You will want your device RSSI value to be below 50 and upload and download speed to be greater than 2mbps. You can find the instruction by clicking [here](https://support.ring.com/hc/en-gb/articles/360020638172-Test-your-wifi-connection)​​​​​. More information You can read more information on Wi-Fi environments and how certain materials can disrupt the Wi-Fi signal strength in the Help Center article below. ''[How to improve your Wi-Fi connection and speed](https://support.ring.com/hc/en-gb/articles/360020044511)​'' ''[Improving your Ring device connectivity](https://support.ring.com/hc/en-gb/articles/360030391371)​''​


18-10-2023 01:04:26

thanks for your answer. The signal is RSSI -26 so it's really good. The issue is that the Tx Rate is still 1.00 Mbps. I have other 60 devices that are not experiecing this issue. I tested another intercom and I have the same problem.


02-11-2023 10:15:32

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