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WiFi signal

I’ve photographed the setup I have that uses all available sockets, https://photos.app.goo.gl/AYgwJXcyniwB845c7
…The Ring doorbell is not connecting to the network, but choices are limited with this set up shown, with the sockets in the cupboard already being for the vacuum charger and refrigerator, so with a double plug for the 24v phone power adapter. Next along is the Echo Pop and Hive WiFi repeater using a double socket. The Echo Pop is paired with the doorbell in the Alexa app, and the Hive component really ought to be paired as part of its function on a home network - especially as it is also used within the Alexa App.
The problem here is that such components do not offer this connectivity, or throughput for one that does, and so now with all the power sockets used up, I need advice on how to get a signal to the doorbell - considering, its power adapter, the Echo Pop and Hive “WiFi repeater*” could all function in this way *with little more than a ‘compatibility’ patch required…

Prior to this install, another [same model] unit was working ok from first setup and had broadcast video from outside the door on the wall where it’s fitted; for whatever other installation issue [after getting a power adapter] it was replaced, and while the new unit had the exact same installation issues that followed the first unit’s addition of the power adapter, but before the power supply was added - the cause was determined in router settings and it now works, but this time is out of range when mounted on the wall…

Please advise.




21-12-2023 02:51:16

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Hi @user72119. It would be helpful if you could share which model of Ring Doorbell you’re installing, as well as details on what part of the setup process you are on. Is there a specific error message you’re getting in the Ring app? Please feel free to share a screenshot of what you’re seeing in the Ring app. Is your wifi router dual-band, offering both 2.4GHz and 5GHz connections? If so, do they share the same network SSID and password?


22-12-2023 05:52:06


It’s a 2nd gen Wi-Fi video doorbell.
I’ve been through the set-up numerous times and eventually the router was additionally configured while I was on the line to the ISP so that the doorbell uses 2.4g.

  • Many things started to work again after an initial attempt at changing this stopped even the router admin screen from loading…
    So all that remained then, was for the doorbell to be mounted - obviously it is therefore range that’s an issue, RSSI - 86, and theoretically 5g & 2.4g must perform differently if the first doorbell was at least temporarily able to use 5g when first configured and mounted.
    Suggestions for moving the router are not going to be ignored, but it’s worth mentioning at this stage that that Hive repeater and the Hub connected to the router are because of other range issues, so this might only move the problem around and just cause it for something else - where it is intended for use in a house, and the doorbell is intended to be mounted outside it - then, with it included among five items directly of use in that context in their respective three mains sockets there, you’d think the problem would surely not manifest at all…, especially if it means ending up with some old skool loading up of the sockets*.

There either needs to be compatibility across repeaters, or repeaters need to be throughput devices, and stackable, adding no more than 5-10mm thickness to the last plug.
normal plug
normal normal<<< normakplug with universally compatible Wi-Fi repeater
[even eventually included as standard for all new normal plugs]


22-12-2023 06:27:00


@user72119 Most Ring Doorbells are only compatible with 2.4GHz, including the Video Doorbell (2nd Gen). A 2.4GHz network has a farther effective range while still providing sufficient speeds. I can’t add much on the discussion of your wifi extenders, as these vary from one brand to another, but we have some information here regarding wifi extenders and mesh networks.

An RSSI of -82 does indicate a weak signal, and improving the signal would improve your Doorbell’s performance. You can learn more about signal strength here. The placement of your router and any wifi extenders will impact the signal strength. Other wifi-enabled devices could cause interference with the signal’s stability as well. I’d recommend working with your internet service provider to help determine the best placement for your router and wifi extenders. For more help with your Ring Doorbell, please get in touch with our support team.


26-12-2023 06:52:16

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