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Ring Intercom doesn’t work on CAME BPT Opale
I’m pretty confident that I’ve correctly wired Ring Intercom to the bus CAME BPT Opale White system, which is listed on Ring’s site as compatible. I’ve read the intercom schematic and tried a few different combinations, and other people have had success with B1/B2 into each of the two “B” Bus ports. However, when testing, the Ring device is never able to answer the call from our intercom. It does try to respond - you can tell because the screen flashes when Ring Intercom communicates with our primary intercom unit, and when I answer the call manually you can hear Ring’s test audio through the speaker. It works, but it can’t pick up. Ring Intercom is also able to correctly identify that a call is incoming – when I continued with setup as a test (even though it wasn’t working properly), I did correctly receive push notifications for incoming calls. However, without manual intervention, Ring Intercom is unable to pick up any incoming calls, meaning it cannot unlock the door or answer the intercom request. In other words, it’s pretty much useless right now. I’ve contacted Ring Support but does anybody have ideas on how to solve this? Or are Ring just totally mis-selling “compatibility”? ![IMG_0055|444x500](upload://tJhZRJThKbPYaXnY4hKWhE4HKDP.jpeg)




25-09-2023 08:59:34

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Hi @lujstn Thank you for reaching out to the Ring Community. We noticed that your case is currently being investigated with our engineering team. They will share new details with you as soon as your inquiry has been investigated and resolved. Thank you in advance for your patience.


02-10-2023 08:28:40


Hi @lujstn and @Magnus_Ring, did you ever address this? I was wondering if it works now as I’m looking to do the same, however, the website says the CAME BPT Opale is not supported. Was your issue that you had more than 1 door it can open? As if you say you only have 1 door, it says it is compatible


14-04-2024 12:33:39


Hi @camzbarber .
Welcome to the Ring Community!
Ring Intercom is compatible with intercom system: Came BPT, Opale W White 62100270.
Please let us know if you need any additional information.

We look forward to hearing back from you.


15-04-2024 08:58:56

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