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Alexa not announcing Doorbell Press after motion detection on Ring Pro & Pro2
Hi Ring! Thought I would just start another thread as you conveniently closed the following thread as solved!!! https://community.ring.com/t/chime-pro-1st-gen-and-chime-no-sound-when-doorbell-pressed/182259/105 Yes, well done, you have indeed finally solved the debacle of you own chimes not sounding on a doorbell press after motion has been detected which went on for months!!! BUT, you have NOT solved the, again widely reported, fact that an Alexa device still doesn't announce the doorbell press under the same conditions!!!! This was reported by many people in the above thread but you obviously got fed up with people keep complaining about it, so you closed the thread as a solution!!!! So, I have started another thread, which is specific to this problem!!! This is obviously linked to the chimes not sounding as the Alexa fails to announce under the same conditions as the chimes previously failed to sound, i.e. after approx 30 seconds or more or motion detection. So, I suspect your response will be one of the following: - 1) Ring support so I can waste more of my time going though completely pointless resets/reboots which will achive absolutely nothing as the problem is wide spread and not specific to me. (same as the chimes issue) 2) This is a problem with the Alexa device, so speak with Amazon (even though you are the same company and it is obviously not a problem with the Alexa product!!) 3) Totally ignore this thread. 4) Close this thread as well. Maybe you will prove wrong and say you are aware of the problem and are working on it but, if I was a betting man, I would probably go for option 3!!!! Cheers Ring, great customer support!!!!




23-04-2023 12:00:09

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Hi @JAB1972. As mentioned in the thread you've shared, you'll need to contact our support team to get this resolved. The Ring community is a peer to peer support forum and not a direct line to support. Reaching out to our support team will allow them to investigate this concern and develop and implement a fix. Thank you.


25-04-2023 04:21:47

Hi @Tom_Ring I really don’t understand the value of this forum then if you are unable to feed common reported issues to your support team for investigation and basically your answer to everything is "ring support" !!! As company you obviously haven’t learnt any lessons from the chimes not sounding debacle!!! (or maybe you think taking approx 3 months to fix such a fundamental problem with your product that you never actually publicly admitted to until a fix was released, was handling it well???) With that issue you insisted that everybody with exactly the same problem wasted their time in ringing your support which achieved absolutely NOTHING for each and every person (including myself) as the problem was with your backend servers and not something your support could fix over the phone!! This problem is exactly the SAME. What is the point in ringing them when they won’t be able to resolve the problem???? Are you saying that Ring are not aware of this problem??? or are you saying that it will be ignored and not investigated unless 100’s of your customers waste their time ringing your support to all report the exact same problem (again) ?????? People on the other thread have already posted that when they did call about this issue, they were told by your support to speak with Amazon as it was a problem with the Alexa device!!! We all know that this isn’t caused by a problem with the Alexa device as it fails to announce under EXSACTLY the same conditions as the Chimes previously failed to sound (when motion has been detected for approx. 20 seconds or more) and announces fine if this is not the case. I just give up, your customer support is pathetic, just admit you are aware of this problem and stop trying to publicly hide (again) from another issue that is affecting all of your customers with these products!!!!!!


28-04-2023 08:56:09

I discovered this exact same issue. If you open the door from the inside and press the ring without setting off the motion detection, it properly announces/chimes on the Alexa devices. If you wave your hand in front of the ring to set off the motion detection and then ring the doorbell, you do not get the ring announcement on the Alexa. This is easily repeatable and it sounds like it has been reported by many customers. This sounds like a defect in the ring software you need to address. The lack of support sounds like a similar approach Apple takes when a known defect is ignored. I truly hope this isn’t the case.


21-08-2023 07:26:41

Same issue too Starting to consider alternatives to ring now particularly for anything that isn’t a doorbell. The picture quality is way behind the times. 4K cameras should be out by now. I’d even pay a small premium monthly if I could get it.


30-08-2023 09:22:21

Posting again just to keep thread open, but its probably a waste of time as Ring are completely ignoring this problem and anybody who reports it.


18-09-2023 10:40:36

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18-10-2023 10:40:58

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