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Ability for Lights to turn on when alarm is triggered (without Bridge)
I came from security systems Lowe’s Iris then it shut down moved to Vera, then Ring. I have to say Iris and Vera had a very good setup for Routines - if this do that with multiple actions. It was nice to be able to have a routine that will allow you to address when alarm is trigger to turn on lights and other actions. I am frustrated with RIng and Alexa on the lack of ability to at least turn on lights when alarm triggered. I had asked Amazon several times to review their Routines and allow more freedom. They have sound detection to a degree that can help. However, Ring should have something for us to add when the alarm is triggered you can have lights without the use of the bridge. Of course that would mean we would have to use their bulbs. Okay, I would buy the bulbs if they set it up without buying the bridge to turn on the lights when alarm is triggered. I have not been able to connect the alarm trigger within Alexa to turn on the Alarm. The other morning I had a rude awakening of my alarm with no lights and my door sensor kept opening and closing prompting me to call the police and asking Alexa to turn on the lights. What if I was not home and the potential intruder is able to walk freely in my home in the dark. This is dangerous home or not. We should be able to have those lights to help scare them away and to get better image on the cameras to turn in to the police. Let alone if home to be able to protect yourself better. Iris since the shut down could not find a buyer at that point and made their stuff available to the community to use. Ring go find the Iris programs and try to utilize it yourself to help this idea or at least write your own Routines that can be use with all the Bases and maybe with ability to pull lights that are on Alexa.




21-11-2023 09:46:29

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