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Possible bug with Ring Doorbell Wired (2021) and doorbell notification while person detection is active
A year or so ago I upgraded from a Ring Doorbell V1 to the Ring Doorbell Wired that came out in 2021. It's been a huge improvement for the most part, given that it's wired and doesn't depend on a battery, meaning that I am not missing any people detection and videos aren't getting cut off at all. One big difference between the two however is that while I was able to use my homes built in doorbell chimes with the first Ring I had, they are not compatible with the wired doorbell. As a result I have to rely on my phone notifications as well as Alexa notifying me when somebody rings my doorbell. I will note that I do not have a Ring Chime in my house. I currently have multiple Echo devices in my house set to notify me when a person is detected on my front porch even if they do not ring the doorbell. I really like this feature and it's been pretty much flawless, I don't get random notifications for cars, birds, trees moving, etc. It seems to me that there may have been an update recently where the doorbell noise that I had set to come out of the Echo devices no longer goes off if the Ring detects a person before they ring the bell. When somebody approaches my door the Echo will announce that there is a person detected at my front door but will not play any of the noises that I have it set to make when the doorbell is actually pressed. This does not happen if I reach out and press the doorbell from inside my house since it doesn't get a chance to detect a person. In that case it makes the doorbell noise like usual. Has anybody else noticed this issue or is able to replicate it on their doorbell wired (2021)?




21-07-2023 02:06:25

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Hi @Capsfan84. Do you still receive a Doorbell Ring notification from the Ring app on your phone, even though Alexa is not playing an Announcement? Do you have Smart Alerts turned on in the Ring app? If so, how are those configured?


25-07-2023 05:48:10

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