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Alexa routine when person detected on ring camera notworking
I have an alexa routine that turns on patio smart lights when a person is detected on ring doorbell. The routine was created few months back and worked fine. I have noticed that it stopped working around a week ago. I hace few more routines with scheduled time triggers and they stopped working too. Some of my routines work and some dont. Any idea?




17-04-2023 02:32:48

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I'm facing the same problem too, no solution yet. I will keep watching this thread.


17-04-2023 03:24:54

Hi neighbors. If you find that your Ring and Alexa integration is not working, I'd recommend trying the troubleshooting steps listed [here]( Unlearning and relearning the Ring Skill in the Alexa app will usually resolve any issues you're experiencing. I would also suggest deleting your [Routine]( and creating a new one. If these troubleshooting steps don't work, I'd first suggest checking [Alexa's Help Center]( for additional support. You can also give our support team a call at one of the numbers available [here]( If you are outside of the US, please visit [here ]( see how to contact support.


17-04-2023 07:42:22

Same for me. I have a Ring Spotlight Cam Wired. From the Ring app, I can see the event is tagged as “Person Detected”, however, the routine defined in Alexa app is not triggered (checking routing activity history shows no activity for the same time).


21-05-2023 04:17:14

Same issue here, I changed to motion sensor to get my lights turned on but not working with person detection


11-12-2023 02:38:54

Has this issue been address? I followed all the steps and cant get the person detected feature on a Ring Camera to successfully trigger an alexa routine. I have Alexa routines set up so that when the cameras detects a person, it is suppose to trigger associated smart light switches to turn. All the cameras and lights work independently and can be controlled by alexa and the lights are used for other routines connected to Ring (e.g. turn on when there is an associated door sensor opened OR if set up to be triggered by motion detection)…its seems very specific to the person detection feature and not a user or integration issue between Ring/Alexa. For context too, the ring camera does show “person detected” when I view the camera in the ring app and the alexa app routine activity is showing that a “person was detected” routine was triggered, but the actions in the trigger did not actually take place. So the person detection is taking place, but It seems to be an issue where alexa is not actually doing the action but is able to document all the triggers occurring. Given it takes a little time for Ring to actually process the motion as a smart alert to categorize if a person was detected vs just generic motion, is that delay in processing time actually cause the alexa to not actually trigger the event like its suppose to? Given there may be a time delay just wondering if that is causing the issue. Note this is occuring on both the Ring Spotlight Cam Wired Plus and my Doorbell the Battery Door Bell Plus


11-12-2023 04:31:25

Unfortunately I don’t think it has. Don’t know if it’s with Ring or Alexa. I’ve followed suggestions to unlearn and relearn the skill and it worked, but then it stopped working several days later. So I wouldn’t consider that workaround as an acceptable solution. Wished these two Amazon companies sorted this out because this is a security product but showing to be unreliable.


11-12-2023 07:58:43


Same issue started with my Ring Doorbell 2 during the past couple of weeks. I get person detection notification on my watch and phone but an Alexa routine which used to turn on my porch light (after dusk) now no longer works.

Conversely, a separate Alexa routine triggered from a Blink Camera (motion detection) still works fine for turning on lights in another area around my house. Thus, this seems to confirm this is a Ring to Alexa interface issue.

Also, I’m not clear if this issue is affected by the overall number of devices on home network or the only real physical change I made to system during this time period (i.e., addition of Ring Monitored Alarm System). Is it possible that the Ring Alarm Panel is not communicating the person detection notification to Alexa (vs. previously Ring doorbell communicated directly with Alexa routine)?


04-01-2024 01:36:30

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