Z-wave extender/repeater for Ring LIGHTING

I see there is a Z-wave extender for the Ring security system. Is there one for Ring lighting?

Good question, @Zakharov! There is not an extender device for the Ring Smart Lighting. The Smart Lighting Bridge and devices run on a power efficient, long-range RF Network. The Bridge converts the RF signals to wifi to deliver information from the system to you in the form of alerts or diagnostic information.

The useful range between your Bridge and other Ring Smart Lighting products depends on the number of obstructions between them, and the materials they’re made of. The RF signal has a greater range than wifi, but you may have to experiment with your devices to find an optimal position.

Check out this help center article for more information on the Smart Lighting Bridge. Feel free to also visit ourFeature Request Board. There you can add to a similar request, or create your own if another neighbor has not yet. :slight_smile: