"Your Ring Protect Trial is Active"

Received email that says “Your Ring Protect Trial is Active” for the Ring peephole doorbell I purchased. It was never actually installed in a door. I needed to verify that it worked as the return period from target.com is 30 days. So I set it up by attaching it to cardboard and tested it by using the only way I could figure out. It won’t be installed in the front door for a while, probably not for a few months. By testing it did I lose the free month trial of Ring Protect? If so I am thinking perhaps I should just return it to target.com and reorder in in a few months unless the folks at Ring can reset the Ring Protect trial period. Would suck to send it back but if that is the best way it is what I’ll probably do. Chat stuff and forums are confusing for this disabled Senior citizen who also has trouble being understood on the phone but evidently support does not use email so I cannot actually try to contact someone at Ring. Yes, getting old can be problematic but it’s better than the alternative.

Hi @flylow. Setting up a new device in the Ring app, such as your Peephole Cam, automatically activates the free 30-day trial of the Ring Protect plan. There is no way around this, and our support team cannot manually adjust the trial period. I hope this helps answer your question.