You must have a circa ETA by now?

Its absolutely insane to me that you say you don’t even have any clue on when or whether Ring 2nd generation will be releasing in europe any time soon. Europe has 440 million people. What is the big deal, for real? It has been so long that you just must have some clue of when its arriving. I don’t want 1st generation because first of all that ugly keypad is not going up on my wall, and second I need the increased 1/2" on the window sensor to be able to have a crack open.

I am so close to just ordering it now on Black Friday from USA to europe but really afraid it will have some troubles because of the Z-wave frequency difference blah blah.

Also, if I were to suck it up and buy 1st Gen alarm system with 3 sensors, 2 stick up cams and peephole cam, it would cost me 424.00 pounds in UK while the same stuff except 2nd Gen in US, and ONE EXTRA sensor (due to the alarm package) would cost me 379.96 dollars, and 424 pounds are 567.63 dollars, so I would be paying 187.67 dollars more? For the outdated 1st gen? I mean this just doesn’t even make sense to me. It just looks like you are having a laugh at the headquarters.

Alright done ranting for now. Can you please give some other answer then:

“Hello Sveinn, Unfortunately we don’t have any ETA on …”

Thank you.

Hi @sveinn. While we appreciate your feedback on this matter, we do not have any information to share on a release of the Ring Alarm 2nd Generation in the UK. We also do not recommend purchasing a system from the US to use in the UK, as it will not meet local guidelines and regulations and there is no guarantee that it will work correctly as it is not designed to work in the UK. Once we have any news to share on a release in the UK, we’ll be sure to post it in the News and Announcements board, as this is where we post about new product releases and features.