Wiring the Ring Intercom with a BPT Agata Video Handset

Dear all,

Please could you help. I have a BPT Agata video handset in my building. When I was looking at the ring intercom, 2 reveiwers said despite it being ‘unsupported’, the ring intercom does support it for audio and unlock, just not video.

The problem is, I can’t for the life of me find which cable to use and what to wire into where. I’ve seen a few replies on this community that also mention it works. Does anyone know how to wire it up?

Many thanks!

I had the same issues with my Came/BPT Agata VC.

It worked the first time but the audio wasn’t great and now it’s not working after I reset.

What I did was use the “B” wire. Just two cables to plug into each of the B terminal ports.

You have to remove the video display/handset which should be easy, to get access to the back of the device.

Give that a try.

Hope you have some better luck

Thanks for the info. Which cables do I need to plug into which B Ports? Many thanks.

B1 to port B
B2 to port B.

Any of them will do really. Just make sure it’s one in one terminal and the other in the next (in Port B).

You should see two terminals for port B on the back of your BPT intercom unit

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