Wired Ring Stick up Cam Motion Zones? Dead Battery? No way to contact support?

I returned a recently purchased ring wireless cam because it uses IR to sense motion, and that is useless for my needs (pool perimeter alarm and cam).

After I returned the first ring I purchased a brand new WIRED stick up cam… not sure what generation because it doesn’t say, but the model is for sale at ring.com and shouldn’t be outdated… believe its the 2019 model based on the copyright info on the box. During set up it asked if its a wired camera or wireless and I chose wired. After setting it up and getting it installed, Ring App is telling me the battery is critcally low. Using certain connections in the app (eg, clicking on the picture) I can view live mode but the actual live mode button says my battery is critically low and can’t connect. Worse, motion sensing is limited to PIR, despite Ring.com claiming this supports motion zones (I’ve attached an image from their website taken the day of this post). I’m sure this is all due to the ring app locking features because its in battery mode, but there doesn’t appear to be a way to shut that off… even though setup specifically asked me if the cam was wired. Looking to roll back the firmware or app so this advertised feature works, as well as other advertised features including… seeing video. Useless for my needs if I have to use PIR for motion sensing. Very annoying for a brand new product. RSSI is -58 BTW, which is better than my ring pro doorbell that functions fully and perfectly.

In addition, it appears Ring is choosing not to pay their employess to work from home, nor supporting their customers needs, though they are continuing to release, produce, manufacture, and sell products. From the front lines of the epidemic looking out, it is a slap in the face the number of companies that are confusing “safe” with cheap and lazy. There are safe ways to answer an email…

If anyone in the community, if it’s safe to answer, can give advice on how to get Rings product to work, I would appreciate it very much. I don’t even need the camera to work in live mode, specifically need motion zones. I know I can set privacy zones, (which obviously means it can sense motion zones, but has been locked out by ring) but I would like the camera to see everything and alert only when motion exists inside my pool. I see half these posts seem to indicate that theres a problem with this camera, however the fix to repair Rings brand new product appears to be… install a battery? It doesn’t come with one, right?

Thanks to the community for helping out!

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that camera does not support custom motion zones is what i was told by support. i told them i found two knowledgebase articles that contradicts that information… One of which was the article in your screenshot. they asked i email them the links lol! anyway the plug in cam stopped working due to dead battery a couple hours later. i have shipped it back for a refund. i recommend you do the same. also check the threads here there is dozens of them regarding no custom motion zones (false advertising) and dead battery on plug in cameras. dont bother with supoort just get different products.

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Thanks! I thought I was crazy trying to get this to work!

Exact the same problem as my new wired stick up cam. No adjustable motion zone whatsoever–False advertisement. 0% battery warning all the time. Although I got the LiveView to work by pressing the reset button, lots of people don’t have the luck. I gave 1 star on Amazon but apparently no one gives a dang.