Will The Dome Siren Keep Alarming If Base Station Is Destroyed After Trigger

I have had two different answers to this topic. The Facebook Ring team said the Dome Siren will not stop alarming unless it gets the turn off signal from the base station, which means, if the base station is destroyed, the Dome Siren will still alarm. However, the phone Ring team said otherwise. That the Dome Siren will no longer work if the base station is destroyed.

I would buy the Dome Siren if it stayed alarming after the destruction of the base station.

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Hi @tcmap. The Dome Siren will continue to sound for up to 3 minutes after it has lost connection to the Base Station. If your Base Station is destroyed, it will continue with its last known status. So, if your Base Station was alarming, then it was destroyed while alarming, the monitoring station will continue to receive an alarming signal. I hope this helps!