Why is the Ring Glass Break Sensor not sold at any UK retailer outlets

Is there some exclusive rights on selling this sensor in the UK? it isn’t sold anywhere outside of Ring.com or Amazon UK. It would be handy to pick some up locally e.g. Screwfix, Argos etc but they only sell door contacts or motion sensors.


PS. @Moderators - Can someone create and assign a decent tag for this? e.g. Glass Break Sensor or maybe allow it to be tagged with UK. :confused:

Hi @sillyillymalla. Unfortunately, we do not have any information as to why our Glass Break Sensors are not available in local retail stores. As for having a tag made for the Glass Break Sensor, I will reach out to my team and have that looked into. Also, we do have a UK board with different categories for neighbors in your region. :slightly_smiling_face:

@sillyillymalla I have created the Glass Break Sensor tag for you.