What time zone are the support hours in?

I have been trying to contact support. They are listed as working 8am to 8pm monday to friday.

I’ve tried chat messaging, and its just a robot which says to ring no matter what you type in.

I’ve tried ringing. 9 out of 10 times, the Australian numbers come up as a non-connected number. Every 10th time, I end up on hold with another robot voice, and no one ever answers.

As far as I can tell, there’s no way to email support at all.

So, does anyone know what time zone support are even operating on?

I’m not sure if the times listed are for a completely different unspecified country/Time zone, or if they’re just refusing to answer all avenues of contact.

We are trying to supply video to the police of criminal activity, and ring appear to have deleted all except for the first 8 seconds of each of the recordings and lowered the quality so much that even license plates can no longer be read. This is from last week, and were paying for the protect plan. The original recordings are MIA.

Hi @user61733. The chat support team’s hours of operation vary depending on the region. The majority of our chat support team outside of the US operates under CET, so make sure you compare this time zone with yours when you are reaching out. If you are calling from Australia, you can use either 61 2 8294 9169 or 1 300 205 983. We also have the worldwide support number here +1 310 929 7085. One of those options should allow you to get connected with an agent.

Regarding the video footage, whatever you see in the Event History is the video footage available to you from your devices. Nobody at Ring is able to alter or delete any videos for you. Once a video is deleted from the Ring app, either manually or due to the storage time expiring, it cannot be recovered.