Welcome neighbor! Please introduce yourself

Thank you very much ,that is a great help. Will let you know how it goes.

All sorted out now ,thank you very much


You’re very welcome!! I hope Ring honor’s your free trial. Glad I could be of help to you!! :relaxed:



New Ring Doorbell Pro 2 owner in Arizona. Trying to post a question in the community but I get an error saying I am not allowed?

Our names are Rick & Paula


I have been working to install a Ring Doorbell Pro 2 and cannot get it to work on a newer house with one existing door bell, two mechanical chimes and a 24 volt transformer. Ring support has been no help. I am about to return all my Ring video products. :frowning:

Hi! My name is Karen. I received a ring doorbell pro for Christmas. My brother installed it for me a couple of weeks ago. So I am a newbie.


Hi, My name is Sherri. I live in California, U.S.A. I am A victim of violent crimes. I seek security, protection, and A safe place to rest and hopefully recover and heal myself the best I can. I fear I wont beable to do this. And do not anticipate I will ever recover and die due to ongoing problems from the perpetrators of these crimes. I would not wish these occurrences on my worst enemy. I must go now.

Hello, I am Bob, we just got Ring Doorbell and are already enjoying it. We are in Northern Virginia.


Welcome neighbors, we’re glad to have you on the Ring Community! If you have any questions about the Ring app or your Ring devices, feel free to create a topic in the Category that best fits your question. :slight_smile:

Hi I’m Suzy. Right now I just have a Ring Camera/Doorbell. I definitely need water sensors. I had 2 floods from plumbing in this older home which each got half the house, and I don’t want to ever go through that again. The sensors require a monitored security system, which is fine since I had AT&T and they decided to get out of the business and I didn’t trust the company chosen as their successor. I want cameras so that I can see all the way around the exterior of the house. Are the cameras hardwired? I don’t need window contacts since no one around here ever comes through a locked window. But I do need glass breakage near each of my 5 external doors and I suppose I should have a contact sensor on each external door. I’m not sure motion detectors are really needed. What do you all think? I have a dog who might set off the motion detector and the glass breakage. Has anyone had trouble with a yippy dog setting off the breakage detector? I might replace my smoke and CO detectors with Ring’s. Is there anything else I should get?

Hi everyone! We are Barb and Jim from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. We have been living in Lebanon 27 years now and haven’t had too many problems with crime. Just last night someone came to the door, we had our handy little spotlight camera, to see who was there. We are excited to be a part of the Ring Community, and able to receive alerts, and knowing what’s going on. We are just 2 people with a funny little dog trying to survive.

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Hi everyone I’m Chris. Nice to meet everyone.

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Hello! I am from Central Texas. I recently purchased the Ring Video Doorbell to replace another off-brand one I had that worked sporadically. This one seems to be working GREAT so far! I will be purchasing other Ring devices as finances allow. :smile: It’s great to be here!

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Hi there,

I’m using ring for several years now, the doorbell, security cameras and the alarm system.

But i’m having some problems now, starting with this community account.

I dont receive mails and in the setting i cant edit/add an mail adres. The mail adres in the settings is a very long code with invalid at the end.

Second thing, i cant change my username, the edit buton is nog present.

About my ring products;

I live on a very busy street. When i set motion detection on the whole view (so no motion zones) the doorbell almost recording continious, but the he cant handle it. Motions are missing, doorbell doesnt work, reboots, hangs etc.

Doorbell allready replaced by ring, wifi renewed… first few years never a problem.

Second, my chimes stoped ringing since a month of 2 (by my neighbour the same).

So not very happy anymore with ring… and i dont know where to post the account issues, so i thought place everything here, and maybe a moderator sees this and can help me.

With kind regards,

Buck Baggen

Hi, I live in Chas. S.C. my whole life. I love to snow ski and own a BBQ restaurant. I got my ring doorbell from Costco which also was included a ring cam. From there I’m hooked. I have the ring doorbell, 1 ring plug in camera 12 ring battery cams and a ring floodlight which was just installed. I look forward to being here.

I do have a question about my Ring floodlight cam, The light at night won’t shut off. It stays on all night. I went to the app and turned it off there but it comes right back on. Can anyone please help a rookie? Thanks in advance.