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Cory her from Connecticut. I just purchased a ring security system and doorbell cam to replace my outgoing IRIS alarm system. Looking forward to getting the system in and up and running.


Hello everyone my name is Joey and I have been a Ring user since the very very early days of Doorbot which I still think I have in basement in a box…lol. I have expanded my Ring experience outside and inside my home over the years. I currently own Ring Pro, Ring Doorbell 2, 2 spotlight wired, 2 spotlight battery, 2 floodlights, 1 Stick Up Cam Elite, 2 chimes, 1 chime pro and of course now the Ring Alarm with a bunch of sensors, keypads, smoke listener , water sensors, etc. Those of you that know me know what a huge Ring fan I am. I have always been a big advocate for Ring and even created a very large Ring Users group on Facebook which now has 10,000 Ring neighbors chatting about their experience. I have also taken part in local Ring Community programs, and Ring Masters programs. I am very excited to try Ring Lighting when it hits the market and expand my Ring security even more. If you ever need any help feel free to hit me up and I will try my best! Looking forward to what Ring will bring in 2019!


Hi! Have a Video Doorbell and Floodlight Cam. Love being able to watch the front of my house and the back at all times


While you’re here introduce yourself!


So I’ll try this again. I have two different profiles as my regular ring username would not work on here for a couple weeks (my old screen name is CTMaineah). Now that this one is working i’ll post under this.

I migrated to ring after having an Iris system for the past 5 years. I had a very large system and was very disappointed by them shutting down. My ring system is somewhat basic right now as I didn’t have the money to expand out like Iris was.

With that being said, ring alarm seems extremely stable and I am excited to see where the system goes. I hope to see so me focus on the security end of things and have integration with smartthings for home automation etc.


Thanks for letting us know @SonofLiberty82 ! If you are still experiencing login issues, or run into problems in the future, feel free to let us know here.


I’m George. I am new to Ring. I had IRIS by Lowe’s since it was first introduced, and had just gotten to the point where IRIS worked consistently when they pulled the plug on it. I had a thermostat, smart plugs, and even an irrigation system along with sensors and motion detectors. At least IRIS bought those back so we could buy a 10-piece Ring security system from Costco. We’ve since added the Ring Doorbell and I’m looking to add some walkway lights. I would like to add some outdoor cameras and lights but those are out of my price range right now.

I would like to see Ring add smart plugs and thermostats.


Hi George! Did you add those Pathlights, @ghvz1 ?

Hello all.

Terry from illinois here. have enjoyed the ring doorbell for nearly a year and now looking forward to adding/replacing several lights throughout my property with ring products.

we have a large yard that would be great to be able to see over.

im very handy but am looking for more real-world use and info among the various ring products, including more i hope they come out with.


Dennis from North Carolina here.


Hi, this is Dennis from Raleigh NC


Miles from Kentucky


Hey there! Sam from India. I purchased a ring video doorbell pro and a ring chime for my alexa enabled smart home. I love adding home automation bits to my home every now and then and with Ring it was a no brainer. The support from Ring team has been phenomenal!


Sunshine from the Windy City, I’m new too the System With The Video Bell, but not to the Neighborhood Watch Program. I got my foot in that weigh deep. I’ve had ADT all along, just added Ring For Extra Security, so far, so good, except it’s just so sensitive, my chimes r always ringing, but, I’m getting use to it!?


Hi Sunshine, please to meet you! Hope you’re doing great. Ring has some more versatility than ADT I’m sure. You can adjust the motion sensitivity to people only in the device settings. ?

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Hello all, I am new to the neighborhood today. I thought signing up might make my area safer. I also am signing up for assistance finding my lost dog.

My dog is a terrier mix and is only around a year old, black with white paws, white chest and nose. Her name is Luna and she went missing 10-28-19 at 6am. She has a red collar but no tags, as we had just received her a few days earlier.



  1. Hello, I’m onecirrus from the Annapolis MD area by the Bay.

  2. So I’ve had ring for about a year and a half, and I’m still learning how to use this.

  3. I like new technology to use and advantage of it to better my life.

  4. I hope to learn from others on some of the problems I’m having like suddenly my ring being over sensitive and logging Live View when no one is there and changing to far away settings on my camera. Any answers will be apprieated


I’m in lake villa, Illinois. But I will keep my eyes open if you lost her around here, for sure?. We are very dog friendly.


Your lost dog, I meant to say.??

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