Volume slider for speaker volume on Doorbells and Cameras

Multiple Doorbell 2’s, volume way to loud on the doorbell, you can hear it a block away. Please make a volume adjustment bar.

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Unfortunately the two-way volume on my new Ring doorbell is so loud that when I’m issuing polite instructions to my postman I am concerned that postmen two or three streets away will accidentally act upon my instuctions thinking it was for them.
Not only does the excessively-loud volume mean that postmen risk being confused, I’m also running the risk that my postman will get upset if he thinks I’ve been talking to other postmen. Even though I haven’t meant to. But postmen talk and I know word will get around.

All of this could be resolved if you add a volume slider so I can control the mic volume. There’s lots of people asking for it. Presumably with similar concerns about their postmen.
Go on, just add it. Think of the postmen.

This needs to be fixed urgently. I have an unlimited Ring subscription, own many of your devices, but the volume of the two way audio is way too loud. It is annoying to our neighbours.

Dude. Seriously. My whole neighborhood can hear what I am saying. I can hear it inside. Let us turn down the volume. It is so obnoxious. Ring Doorbell 4.