Video length

I have just fitted 2 wired ring spotlight cam plus and a floodlight camera pro. I know how to adjust the length and I know it sounds like a strange question but can a setting be changed to so the video starts recording early with a detection as i had swann cameras before and this was an option?

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Hi @Will1976. The feature you’re describing sounds similar to the Pre-Roll feature, which is on some Ring devices. The Pre-Roll feature will capture a few seconds of footage before a motion event is triggered. You can read more about this feature and which devices it is available on here.

Hi, thanks for the reply. I have the cameras which are listed but I don’t have the option for selecting pre-roll in the video settings could you please advise on how this is done. I have 2 spotlight cam plus and 1 floodlight cam pro.

@Will1976 Advanced Pre-Roll is always enabled for wired Ring devices, there is no toggle in the settings. This feature captures a few seconds of footage before a motion event is triggered, which is added to the beginning of a recorded video in your timeline.

Hi, I have the wired devices but my videos are only capturing the end of any events. The only devices that I have which are not wired which are my internal cameras which isn’t an issue for the pre-roll.

@Will1976 In that case, I would recommend checking the RSSI on the Device Health page to ensure that your devices have a strong signal strength, otherwise you can experience delays with motion detection. Additionally, review and adjust your Motion Zones to make sure they cover the areas where motion is most common. If this concern persists, you can follow up with our support team at one of the numbers here, as our support team is able to offer more in-depth troubleshooting assistance .