Very Poor Customer Service

So I have been a customer since 2016. And now back last year i change my email address. Now when i purchase new products ring can not seem send me an invoice or list the orders in order history.

So I have called support 3 times now. And what i have come to realize that whoever answer the call from ring will waste a lot of time not doing much and then ask to put you on hold while they go ask someone what they should do. Now one time this happens i would rthing it is just a stupid lazy tech that really does not know what they are doing. But i got 3 different techs. All were unable to fix the issue.

Now what i want to know is why no one can fix this. I paid with an apple card. You took the cash right away. Even though one of my orders is backordered. It also showed in stock when i ordered it.

Ring could not even give me a tracking number or a copy of the invoice. # calls and no one there knows how to do this. And they reakky wasted my time on the phone. Over 2 hours. Most on hold while they tech yelled out tom ask someone else.

I really would like to know if ring has anyone that can assist me. So far all i want to do is send this stuff back and look to a company that maybe know how to support it.

This is not a glowing recommendation for ring. I would really consider again buying from ring.

And Just an FYI 2 days now and Ring did not even comment here to dispute the fact they provide little to no support

Hey @mpf541. The Ring Community is a neighbor to neighbor support forum, and not a direct channel to support. If you are still having an issue getting an invoice, I would suggest following up with your open support ticket to see if our Account Logistics team can work with you to figure this out. :slightly_smiling_face: